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We rode for several miles in and out of woods and across frozen ponds.

We eventually stopped in a huge clearing.

No trees, just a vast expanse of white snow, making me thankful that I had thought to wear my sunglasses. Sakura sex game.

I asked Mike why there were no trees here.

He smiled at me with that indulgent look you give a child.

"We're on a lake, Beth.

" "We're on a what?" I yelled at him in a panic.

I come from the south and nothing ever froze enough there to support the weight of skaters much less a snowmobile and two people.

"Calm down, the ice is almost a foot thick here. Whatsapp sex chat malayalam.

It will hold us, we aren't going to fall through and drown.

" I kept eyeing him suspiciously, wondering if he was having some sort of laugh at my expense.

"Here, I'll prove it.

" With that he stomped his foot up and down on the ice.

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See, we're still okay.

" "Smart ass, " I responded.

I love his sense of humor but I had been a little worried about my safety.

"Well, if it's that safe then, do I get to drive the snowmobile for a while?Mike looked skeptical, but he agreed.

"You remember what I showed you this morning, about how to work the controls?" "Yes, I do. Sexy kitty home privat.

Now get on the back and let me drive. Tamil sex free video.

I want to go fast.

" We both got back on, Mike a little more slowly than I did.

Even in that early part of our relationship, he knew me quite well.


When he had his arms around me, after first trying to give my tits a squeeze -they were hard to find under all those layers of clothing - we were off. Library webcam girl.

I started, tentatively at first, but then took off like a bat out of hell.

I think I may have heard Mike scream.

He denies that to this day.

Going fast and being in the great outdoors are two of my favorite things. Naked mature big tits porn fuckbook 2018.

I did circles, zigzags and figure eights all over that lake.

I drove straight lines as fast as I could back and forth.

The more I drove, the more excited I became.

My pupils were wide, my skin covered in goose bumps and, of course, I felt a lovely tingling in my pussy. Free privet live sexchat rooms.


After just a few minutes of driving, I think I would have soaked through my snowsuit had it not been waterproof.

I know Mike was enjoying my current state of arousal, too.

His hands had been wandering over my body the whole time. Sexy webcam dildo.

He managed to unzip my snowsuit and a hand found one of my tits.

My nipples were already erect but his touch usually lifts them to a new level - and this time my left nipple responded.

His other hand lightly rubbed my pussy area on top of all my snow gear. Sex video chat no sing up.

It was enough to make me squirm and ache for more.

The speed, Mike's hands, and my own whirling thoughts, combined to cause what happened next.

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