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If you like wham bam sex stories, this probably isn’t for you.

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~~Jessica~~ In the beginning, I really did have every intention of waiting until my wedding night to lose my virginity, until that one blissful night when Chuck and I spent the night in a luxurious hotel room in Jackson after attending our team’s football game earlier one Saturday afternoon a year ago.

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For those who have asked me, the answer is a resounding, Yes! Chuck and I are still very, very much a couple and we’re still together and enjoying each other even more today than when our relationship began a little over a year ago.

That weekend, we began a sexual relationship with each other and one year on we are back here celebrating our first anniversary. Sexs 4 arbs com xxx.

For a whole year, we’ve enjoyed wonderful sexual bliss and a wonderful relationship together.

I really don’t know where the time has gone, but we are checked into the very same hotel and hoped for the same room we used a year earlier, but it was already in use. Getting pregnant without sex.

The desk clerk picked up on our disappointment and summoned the hotel manager and explained our situation to him.

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After some consideration, he offered a more luxurious suite for the night at the same price.

After we settled into our new room, I went into the bathroom to get undressed, shave my pussy and get more comfortable, putting on just a blue sweater and some white knee socks. Sex chat with lovers in malayalam.

While I was in there, the hotel manager had a complimentary fruit basket and bottle of champagne with two glasses sent up for us to enjoy during our night’s stay.

Walking out of the bathroom, Chuck showed me the hotel’s gifts, which was a wonderful surprise. Xxx samantha sex photos.

Chuck then went in to change and came back out in the very same sexy Batman T-shirt he’d worn the year before.

He poured us both a glass of the bubbly, which we sipped on and talked about all the wonderful adventures we’d had together over the past year.

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I told him that the only time during our time together that I was really quite sad, was during our summer break from school when we were apart and couldn’t be together on Tuesdays as we had always been while in school.

He agreed and felt the same.

We had another glass of bubbly, but after a short while, I realized how hot I was in that sweater, so I removed it and the socks, and went naked into our bedroom where I laid down on the bed after pulling the covers down. School girl have sex school.

The big king-size bed had a white and floral print canopy over the top, virgin-white bedding skirts, and light purple satin sheets.

The suite was huge, and I’m sure it was easily twice or even three times the size of the single room we had last year.

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Chuck came into the bedroom and poured us both another glass of champagne, bringing them over to the bed and handing one to me as he sat down on the bed. Pic sex vogue.

We finished drinking our champagne and he removed his T-shirt so we could we both lie down naked, side-by-side as he began to play with me as I returned the favor.

It wasn’t long before we were locked in each other’s embrace before he mounted me, thrusting his hard, throbbing penis deep inside my wet pussy, bringing me to a most wonderful climax. Sonya_dolly my sex chatroom.

We continued making love to each other most of the night.

We talked and kissed softly and sweetly.

I savored his touching me, drawing me closer as our lips met like a pair of those magnetic Kissy dolls with our tongues dueling, each caressing the other as the warmth of our bodies encompassed us with passion and desire.

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It was highly intoxicating feeling him lying next to me, whispering tenderly sweet words of love in my ear.

He kissed my lips softly and lovingly while touching his mouth to mine.

He caressed my cheeks, running his tongue down my neck, as he kissed my left shoulder and dragged his head further down until he was now buried deep within the valley between my small but very firm breasts with their very pronounced deep pink areolas and firm, erect nipples. Sexy slut mom xxx.

Pausing there momentarily, I knew he could hear my heart pounding like a drum as he pulled me even closer.

Kissing my breasts, he looked up into my eyes and smiled, before lowering his head once again to my already hard nipple, sucking on one and then the other, sending electrifying shockwaves straight down to my awakening cunt, aching for him to enter.

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