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Knowing that most people have left the park and the ones left would have no chance of seeing more then figures from where they were standing.

Not wanting to miss anything, he quickly looks back to the women and sees they are both suckling each others thumbs. Iphone online sex video chat.

Bee has her thumb in Freya's mouth, and both are making the sexiest sucking sounds.

Unsure of what to do Jon quietly suggests, "I should let you two have some privacy.

" The women turn to him, shaking their heads as thumbs fall out of their mouths.

"No Jon, we would like you to play with us.

" Jon has trouble catching his breath and gathering his wits about him.

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He wants to jump on both of them, eat one pussy as the other is riding his cock.

Each woman grabs one of his trembling hands.

His cock is ready to explode with excitement of two women.

He follows their gentle tugs to the bench, where Freya sits as Bee still grasping Jon's hand gets on her knees.

"For now we want you to just watch, see how long you can stand it. Jdjd704 www sex.

Call it a game if you will.

" Bee says with great pride.

All Jon can do is nod, with his eyes fixed on the two women in front of him.

He eases closer to the edge of the bench, leans against it for support.

He knows that his legs will not hold him right now, as strength seems to have left his body.

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Freya pulls Bee to her, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss, while Bee's hands run up and down Freya's legs.

Caressing, kneading her inner thighs, inching further up toward Freya's pussy.

Jon's eyes get wider as Bee pushes a finger inside.

Freya raises her hips to help Bee's probing finger in deeper. Shaving webcam pussy.

Freya breaks their kiss with a husky moan as Bee slides in another finger.

Jon groans loudly as he almost loses it.

His mind is foggy with the lust for the two women before him.

The darkness has made them more silhouetted but he knows who is where, and can see where their exploration leads.

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Freya's hips are rising and falling with each thrust then retreat of Bee's fingers, until Freya screams as she is intruded with three fingers.

Bee looks up at Jon, "Are you hard, Jon? Does my fingers fucking Freya make you want to touch yourself?" Her face catches some of the moonlight and Jon sees her grin. Ariannaruiz callsexygirls com.

Her eyes sparkle like lusty diamonds.

Groans echo through the park as Jon settles himself down again.

Composure is harder than ever now, with his painfully throbbing cock rubbing against his shorts.

His only thoughts are who and where to cum.

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Support Lush Stories Jon enthusiastically nods to Bee.

"Take your cock out for us Jon, show us what you got.

" Bee demands in a hushed tone. Lavi_hot usa girl video calling chat in fuck.

Darting his eyes around, checking to see if they are being watched, Jon realizes that it really doesn't matter.

He can't walk away now.

His fear is that his cock will have a mind of its own, that it will cum quickly and before it touches the sweet flesh of these women. Random tamilsex chat.

He concedes to their wishes, takes his cock out and tucks his shorts under his balls.

His hand gripping it firmly, he dares not stroke it.

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He looks to where Bee's fingers are still fucking Freya, steady and hard motions, sliding her fingers in and hearing the slickness as they slide out. Mature women nude sex gifs.

Jon is almost moaning in sync with Freya, she is close he can hear it as the pitch of her moans change.

They are purposeful and intense.

Bee stops a minute, Freya complains loudly and looks at Bee, and faces Jon.

Her eyes roam down to his now exposed cock and he sees her smile, licking her lips as she shifts her position to all fours sideways on the bench. Bisexual free flirt chat.

Bee pulls Freyas shorts down to her knees, and Jon watches intently.

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