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(this was my frist story, write me to tell me what you think!) It had been two weeks since I made my mind up to visit Jen and Doug before I actually did it. Dildo fucking massive.

Logistics got in the way.

I needed transport and that meant a horse.

Fortunately, one was on hand; loaned to me by a neighbouring farmer.

I was not sure what they thought they were going to get for it in return, but I promised to bring it back in one piece and thanked them kindly. Usa local girl sex webcam chat video.

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Directions were the next thing I needed and Emily was quick off the mark to show me how to get there.

And so it was, that on one misty morning, I started off up the South path to the mountains.

I was told that it was quicker but a little steeper, and since it was just myself and a horse, it would be no problem and would be a safer bet. Chat porno de mar del plata.

Few people travelled that route and that meant the bad people as well.

Everyone ensured me that I would be safe.

That wasn’t how I felt when the trees started to close in on me.

Anyone could have been waiting to jump me, but the morning passed without any issues and I rested and ate a packed lunch before continuing on to the shack. Girl sex.

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The ramshackle of a place was a sight for sore eyes as I rounded the hilltop.

I could clearly see smoke rising from the chimney and felt confident that someone was home.

I wasn’t sure whom I would be glad to see first, Doug or Jen.

I hurried the horse along and soon I was tying it up outside and shouting to whoever was around. Fuckyourasian free hardest russian live cams.

No one returned my calls.

I pushed the door open and shouted some more.

Anyone here? It was Jen that rounded the corner of her bedroom, looked at me, and rapidly ran into my arms.

I must have lifted her clean off the ground as I spun her around.

My feet came crashing down on the wooden floor before Jen pushed me away. Sexy bunny babe.

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Look at you, you look wonderful.

The pleasure of my presence was evident to see in Jen’s eyes.

I wanted to kiss her but decided that it should perhaps wait.

Where’s Doug? He left for town this morning.

You must have passed him, surely? I came by the South path, apparently. Two way sex chat iphone.

That explains it then.

Sit down, we have lots to chat about.

And so we did.

More than Jen could have thought.

I filled Jen in on everything that had happened to us since we found a family to take us in.

I then told her about Emily, though I thought afterwards that perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything. Sexy indian on webcam.

News like that travels quickly in places like this.

Still, it was a bit late now.

Jen told me all about the incursion.

Pornos inn the making. Jen’s

The what? I asked.

The incursion was a short period of time when bad men started to press in on their shack, making their presence known, infiltrating more and more on this safe side of the mountain. Fuck my pussy eden.

Tracker guards had been sent in to clear the area and about thirty men and a couple of women were removed from it.

Horizontally removed that is.

Guards were still present in some areas to prevent any further encroachment and frequently patrolled the area. Free sexchat without login.

Are you not afraid? I asked.

We can’t let them prevent us from being who we are, or what we want to do with our lives, replied Jen.

Will Doug be back tonight? Tomorrow.

It’s supply time again, he took the cart with him.

Pornos inn the making. Jen’s

My mouth opened.

I know, Jen said, holding her hands up in the air, but we must live and not be afraid. Sexy assholes blowjob penis on beach.

Jen continued telling Melissa about the incursion as she prepared some food.

It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was sinking behind the taller trees.

Before long, we had been watered and fed.

I helped Jen to do the washing up.

Jen washed, I dried. Naked sexy tattooed latina women.

The glances I received from Jen as she handed me the plates, pots and pans did not go unnoticed.

It kept me smiling all the while that I dried them.

The last few plates were positioned on one of the pans and we both listened to the gurgling and slushing sound of the water as it drained from the sink.

Pornos inn the making. Jen’s
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Jen caught the end of the dishcloth that I was holding and dried her hands quickly.

She was soon behind me; her hands circling my body and cupping both breasts.

I polished the last plate so that it sparkled.

Jen’s hands felt good on my body and I swayed from side to side as Jen cupped and squeezed my breasts. Spicybrunnete bd sex chat with girl.

I put the last plate away and Jen turned me around and pulled me up onto the wet counter.

Her arms encircled my waist once more and the kiss was passionate from the outset.

I felt her hands pull at the bottom of my shirt and I soon found the fabric rising upwards and over my head. Spy cam sex tumblr.

Jen’s mouth immediately found my right nipple and she let out a relieved sigh as she sucked on it.

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I heard a faint murmur leave Jen’s lips before she planted her mouth over the other nipple.

My hands came down on the back of Jen’s head as I threaded my hands through her hair before pulling her up by her tits. Cybersex chat free.

You’re all I’ve thought about since you left, Jen blurted out; showering my face with tiny kisses.

It was a welcome thought and I wanted her more than ever.

I slipped off the counter and while holding Jen’s wrist tight, led her to the bedroom.

Within seconds, we were both naked and kissing more passionately than ever before. Sexyjennifer lve sex cams.

My fingers had found Jen’s breasts and nipples but were urgently travelling South on their way to a crevice that I knew would be swamped in pussy juice.

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I started licking while my body was at right angles to Jen’s and I soon felt the touch of Jen’s hand on my inner thigh as she slowly eased me around to meet her face.

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