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She knew instantly that it was Rick.

As he looked up from the menu, he saw her standing there and their eyes locked and held.

An uncontrollable shiver coursed through her body.

She was completely mesmerized by how striking he was.

Not wanting to appear flustered, she proceeded into the restaurant and upon reaching the table, held out her hand and said in her most professional business voice, You must be Rick Leonard. Skinny dudes fuck the best.

I’m Amanda Cain.

Standing up from his chair, he shook her hand while discreetly examining her as they sat down.

His eyes were deep blue and she was hypnotized by how beautiful they were.

His dark brown hair and golden tan made them stand out even more and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

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She noticed he was around six foot four, and although he was wearing a beautifully tailored Armani suit, she could tell he was muscular and in great shape.

It wasn’t like her to get nervous with people – especially in business situations – but this man had her completely unnerved. Foto sex karina kapoor.

All she could think about was how in the world she was going to work with him over the next couple of days and keep from jumping him.

She could see he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and that fueled her fantasies even more.

Chatting easily while looking at the menus, Amanda’s heart skipped a beat when she looked up from her menu and saw him staring at her in a way that could only be predatory.

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Blushing slightly, she gave him a shy smile and lowered her eyes back down to the menu.

Good Lord this man is smoking hot, she thought.

And there was no doubt in her mind that a very strong electric current was shooting between them.

Keeping the conversation professional despite the palatable sexual tension, they organized their thoughts on how to best present their clothing chain to the mall owner and agreed that they would need a space that was around 2000 square feet. Miles city pussy fucking.

Finishing lunch, they paid the bill and walked the short distance to the mall offices for their meeting.

Chapter Three The meeting couldn’t have gone better, and they were both fired up as they walked out of the building.

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She and Rick had tag-teamed the presentation like they had been working together for years, and they nailed it! Vv vivien sex. The lease was being granted to them with a lengthy contract and a sweet deal.

They talked excitedly as they recounted the twists and turns of the negotiation and complimented each other enthusiastically on how well they played their parts.

They were amazed at how naturally they pitched the company together and their adrenaline was racing as they walked back to The Peninsula. Signs of male sexual attraction.

Let’s celebrate with a drink! Rick suggested.

Amanda couldn’t have agreed more! Continuing to talk about the deal, they entered the lobby and rode the elevator up to the Felix restaurant located at the top of the hotel.

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Sitting down at the bar, Amanda said excitedly, The view from here is amazing! Sexy teen guys naked. I’ve never been up here before! Ordering two martinis, Rick explained some more about the history of the hotel.

Over the next two hours they drank martinis and talked about some business, but spent more time exploring each other’s personal lives.

As their conversation progressed, Amanda began to realize that she was very attracted to him not just physically, but personally as well. Skinny girl webcam.

He was brilliant at his job but he was also sensitive, thoughtful and funny.

She couldn’t stop laughing at his stupid jokes and shot many back at him.

Nothing attracted her to a man more than a great sense of humor; intelligence was very high up on her list too.

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And a smoking body didn’t hurt either! Finishing their last drinks, Rick slapped his head and said, I need to give you the file for tomorrow’s meeting.

It’s up in my room.

Do you mind coming up to get it? Did she mind? Why Mr.

Leonard! she teased.

Are you trying to get me up to your suite? International sex forum malta. Giving her a long, deep stare he answered quietly, Would you mind if I were? Instantly their light joking and teasing mood turned into one of heavy lust and hunger.

Gently running her hand up his leg, she gave him a seductive smile and said, Wait here, I’ll be right back. Skype live sex.

The ladies’ room was as elegant as she expected.

She admired the attention to detail and loved how the sinks and fixtures were modern and extremely high-end.

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As she finished washing her hands, she heard the door open and sensed someone standing right behind her. Lesbian latin amateur watch webcam.

Turning around she gasped when she saw Rick standing there with an intense look on his face.

Before she could say anything, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the spacious handicap stall and latched the door.

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