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Sally looked at him unhappily.

I'll just ring upstairs and get confirmation, and then you can be on your way.

" At this statement, Sally's heart sank even more.

She knew there was no appointment, no job interview and definitely no Mrs Smith, and now the friendly guard would also know in about thirty seconds. Cam online girl sex xxx porno solo.

As she waited for the obvious denial and subsequent refusal, she wondered if she should just turn around and go, before they politely but firmly asked her to leave.

Maybe she could try and brazen it out.

Before she could decide, the guard laid down the horn and shrugged his shoulders.

"They're not answering my lovely," he said apologetically, and Sally whose nerves were stretched almost to breaking point, bit her lip apprehensively.

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The guard misreading her expression took pity on her and finally relented.

"Oh Go on love.

He wore a genuine smile now, I'll take a chance on you.

You don’t look like a master criminal and anyway, he paused, If they can’t be bothered to answer the phone, then that’s their problem, not mine.

" Sally seemed so elated, that for a moment he thought she was going to jump over the counter and give him a huge kiss.

"Oh thank you sir," she grinned, and started moving away.

"Tower One, The tenth floor," he informed her as she turned towards the lobby. Mnogoporno video.

The famous ‘Bing’ sound, signalled the arrival of the elevator, and as the shiny steel doors silently opened, they revealed a modern luxurious lift.


The side walls were shiny brushed aluminium, and the back wall was a floor to ceiling mirror.

There was only one thing that bothered Sally now, and she cursed herself for being so stupid. Sweetdianaxxx freesex video chat.

Growing up in an ‘East End’ tower block, Sally remembered the elevators being badly lit, stinking of urine and for the most part vandalised almost to destruction.

Although today, the tower blocks are just a bad memory, Sally remembered that most of the residents, including her own parents mainly used the stairwells. Free fuck buddy in tirana.

Their physical abhorrence of traipsing up and down hundreds of stairs was outweighed by their fear of being trapped inside a lift with muggers, robbers or even worse, rapists.


But these lifts were very different.

They were new, regularly cleaned and well maintained. Live sex chat group.

Also being the fastest way of getting to any floor in the building, they were continually in use.

Even now, two hours before lunchtime, she had to wait until at least a dozen people vacated the steel box, before she could enter it.

And she wasn’t the only one. Find women looking for sex in dresden pa.

As she stepped inside, five fellow passengers followed her, and Sally had a disquieting feeling that her plan was destined to fail.

Different buttons were pushed and soon Sally felt her stomach lurch as the lift rapidly slowed at its first port of call. Animate. teens porno.

Gradually the lift emptied but before she had it all to herself, other workers, needing to be on a different floor, kept invading her space.


Not wanting to attract any unwanted attention Sally vacated the lift on her chosen level, and watched the illuminated numbers continuing to climb. Fairbanks sex ladies.

After two floors had been reached she pressed the button summoning another one and waited.

Eventually after three different rides in two different lifts, Sally was all by herself and before the doors could open again, she slammed her hand against the emergency stop button. No registration no emails no signup sex chat.

The abruptness with which the lift stopped, almost threw her to the ground and only holding onto the handrail very tightly, saved Sally from falling on her backside.

Recovering her balance, she looked upwards, and found what she was searching for.


A black, half round glass ball situated in the middle of the ceiling. Neked sexy girls chat for free no signing up or in.

Sally jumped as the emergency telephone unexpectedly rang, and looked at it in horror.

Hesitantly she picked up the horn.

"Good afternoon madam, a friendly female voice sounded in her ear.

This is the emergency control room.

According to our information you are presently stuck in one of the lifts, in the London Exchange Tower complex. Milf dominates girl tiny hands solve big. hd porno.

Is that correct?" "Yes.

It just stopped suddenly.

all by itself.

Sally lied.

"Well yes, they do, do that sometimes, but that’s why we’re here.

The woman explained patiently.

We're sorry for any inconvenience you maybe experiencing, but we can’t seem to reboot the control panel remotely, so we’ve dispatched a mechanic to do it manually.

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He's coming from our offices in Dartford, so it's going to take a while before he gets there.

" That’s okay, Sally assured the friendly lady, I’ll just wait until he arrives.

Thank for your co-operation madam, we’re doing every thing in our power to get you out of there as soon as possible. Kira queen anal porno.

Oh no rush, Sally said lightly, I’m alright here.

I just hope I don’t need to take a pee soon, or you’ll be watching me piss my pants.

Oh, we can’t see you madam, replied the woman unable to hide the distaste in her voice.

Obviously the thought of watching Sally urinating herself in the lift, offended her greatly. Cherryladys live free webcams adult women no login no email.


The camera is part of the Exchange Tower's own security system, not ours.

We own and run the lifts, but the security thereof is handled by their own people.

" Sally grinned from ear to ear.


ok, no worries then.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience madam. Fucking aransas pass. swinging..

The voice thought calling Sally ‘madam’ was highly debatable, but let it go at that.

Wanting to put an end to this unsavoury conversation, she resumed her professional facade.

And unless I can be of further assistance, I’ll wish you a pleasant day.

After hanging up, Sally unconsciously looked around the lift. Tamil girls sex live cam.

With what she had in mind, she just wanted to make sure she was alone.

Stupid bitch, of course there’s no-one here, she mumbled to herself as she let the hold-all bag slide from her shoulder to the floor.

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