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I stood there alone in the shower, contemplating everything.

Mom had just called me honey three times.

She'd never called me that before.

Also that smile she had after we woke up.

The look in her eyes when she looks at me.

The more I thought about it the more it seemed to make sense. Weird sex porn.

my mother is falling in love with me.

Eight hours later I sat on the front room couch still thinking about everything.

Ever since our shower, my thoughts were completely overtaken.

Does my mother love me? Of course that's a stupid question, because every mother loves her son. Covexsin99 face porno.

But I mean romantically.

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Like the feelings a boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife have for each other.

would that be even possible for a mother and son.

I had never heard of something like that happening before.

The biggest question, if it were really true that she felt that way about me, do I feel that way about her? Youcam sex chat. I honestly didn't know how to answer that to myself.

It's such a taboo topic that I was afraid to even answer it at all.

We have sex with each other all the time, but this somehow felt different.

Hearing the front door unlock, my thoughts were interrupted. Essex hours.

I instantly started feeling nervous.

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What would I say? What would I do? Why was I so nervous now? Everything had felt completely natural until today.

"I'm home!" mom called out before she noticed me on the couch,"Oh your right there.

Give me a sec while I go put my stuff away.

" As she walked off I just sat there on the couch waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Sheilalust kerala sexygirls chating vedios.

She came back still wearing her unbuttoned work shirt and bra and panties.

"Hey you," she said flirtatiously while sitting down on my lap.

"Hey yourself.

" "I missed you.

" She wrapped her arms around my neck.

After kissing me for a good fifteen seconds she casually asked, "So what did you do today?" "Oh nothing, just some stuff around the house," I half lied.

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I had done nothing but think about her all day so I accomplished very little while she was gone.


Well I'm sorry I had to run off in a hurry this morning.

" "No don't worry about it.

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