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She fell back asleep a few minutes later.

I think I’m going to go and lay down beside her now.

I love her so much.

June 26th Dear Journal, When I woke up this morning, mom was sitting at the corner of the bed, still naked with something in her lap. Drastvuite ass sexsi.

It was this journal.

It was open and she was reading it.

My heart stopped, thinking what I’d written over the past month.


But then I remembered last night, and realized it didn’t matter.

I shifted to my knees and crept over to her without a word. Samantha 38 porno.

I sat down beside her.

She was reading yesterday’s entry, a delighted smile on my face.

Morning mom, I said, feeling a little nervous.

A little guilty I guess.

She looked over at me.

She had that look of some much affection on her face.

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Jason, honey, you write beautifully.

I felt myself blushing.

You really think so? Yes! Jason, you capture exactly how I felt…the way you write, it’s so personal, so pretty.

You’re going to be a writer someday.

Thanks mom that means a lot. Brunette sexy boobs.

I love you.

I love you too honey.

You know what I can’t what for?

She smiled at me mischievously, closing the book and setting it on the bed.

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