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Chapter 6 The night for the first club meeting arrived.

The decision was made to hold the first gathering at Beth’s home.

She had three usable bedrooms and the pool in the backyard.

The two women had discussed how they would arrange things and were ready. Asiansexxy xxx online girl skype.

They had set up a nice sized bar with liquor and wine.

A variety of finger foods were displayed on the dining table to allow continual snacking throughout the night.

Instructions had been sent to Donna and Amy to dress casually.

It had been recommended women wear skirts and tops which could be removed quickly and easily.

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Undergarments were optional.

The men should also be casual and ready to follow instructions.

Lexi and Charlie arrived early to help with getting things ready.

However, the men quickly disappeared outside with drinks in hand.

I’m sure they are discussing what they think is going to happen tonight, Lexi told Beth. Ex girlfriend facial surprise big tits porno.

Oh, no doubt about it, Beth offered.

Bob has been asking me questions all day.

I finally stopped him by pointing out he was going to have the opportunity to have carnal knowledge with two beautiful women tonight in addition to you and me.

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With that as the destination, he should just shut up and enjoy the ride. Jennifer lopez sexy booty.

Did your answer satisfy him? Not completely.

Bob insisted on having sex with me right then.

Did you do it? Lexi asked with a smile.

Of course, Beth laughed.

Have you ever known me to pass up an opportunity to get laid? Joining the laughter, Lexi pointed out, I remember you saying no to a guy in college. Sweet hot privat show webcam sex videos.

Oh, don’t remind me, Beth chuckled.

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