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She and June were about the same height, but Brittany lacked the round ass.

She was alot more gorgeous than Sabrina, and alot less plain, carrying around those large and perky breasts.

As she made her way across the room, she and June began to look at each other and laugh, a twist of embarrassment within the laugh. Sexy little latina.

As we all sat on the bed, I wondered to myself why the embraces and laughter were the way they were.

Brittany politely explained, "We used to be lovers.

June was the only woman I had ever been with, and she took me to levels of ecstasy I had never known before her.

" It was at that point that the excitement in the room reached its peak.

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No one spoke as the two women leaned in to kiss each other.

I sat back, knowing I would not be left out, watching these two beautiful women french-kiss.

Their tongues flicked and twisted around the others'.

I became aware of the growing bulge in my pants, and removed all my clothes except my boxers. Teen leggings webcam.

I returned to the same seated position, gently rubbing on my shaft.

June could see me rubbing as she kissed Brittany.

They both began to lay down slowly into my lap.

They both stopped kissing as Brittany caught sight of my hand rubbing on my cock through my boxers.

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She reached out, sliding my shaft through the slit in the boxers and gave the head a lick.

Support Lush Stories She repeatedly licked my cock as if it was a melting ice cream cone.

All at once, she wrapped her tongue around the head and sucked my helmet into her mouth without her hands. Succuba moneyanny webcam.

I groaned from the pleasure of watching her suck me into her mouth without the aid of her hands.

This excited June as well, who made her way to Brittany's large breasts.

She suckled them and slowly kissed further south.

She reached her pussy's lips, wet with anticipation, and dove in.

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My hips pumped harder into Britt's face as I watched June lapping up all of her wetness.

Like a thirsty animal, her tongue made no waste of the flowing juices from Britt's love hole.

I watched June roll Brittany away from my cock and onto her back.

June began to ride her face, using her tits as a handle to brace herself. Facefuck puke.

I watched closely as she was licking both of June's holes from front to back and back again.

My throbbing cock could take no more.

I grabbed a condom and moved around to face June.

I slid myself into Britt's super wet cunt and drove myself as deep as possible.

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June and I gazed into each others eyes.

locked in while our bodies were still pleasing and being pleased.

We almost forgot Brittany was in the room as I kept ramming myself deeper and deeper into her pussy.

She would try to moan, but was muffled by Junes lips grinding on her face. Petite sex.

June and I both came right then and there, every muscle in our bodies tensed and we both grunted.

I filled my condom and Britt received a face full of June's cum.

We both flopped to the side.

Brittany looks at us flopped to one side.

She was dissatisfied and wanted more of the throbbing cock she had earlier.

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She found it, softening from blowing the last load.

She removed the condom and licked the head of my cock.

Now wet with my own seed, she sucked the head only, trying to remove whatever seed was left.

It brought my soldier to full salute in seconds.

The old condom was replaced and Brittany climbed on top of me and slid herself onto my shaft, gasping from its girth as she did. Sexy nude sports ass.

She was stretched more than she had ever been and moaned loudly as she rode me.

June was aroused by the sight of another woman moaning out of pleasure on her boyfriends cock and straddled my face, facing Brittany.

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