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Brooke didn't know it, but Dr. Williams was well aware of what went on inside the walls of Barstow Associates–he and Mr. Barstow were old friends and he had been in the office on many occasions for a "consultation" and had enjoyed the special treatment his company provided its top clients. Alca123 free sexvideo donwload.

He completed the abdominal exam and said, "You can sit up, now Mrs. Robbins. " Brooke sat up, instinctively bringing her gown up to cover her breasts. "I will be back in just a minute. Please wait here," he said. Brooke thought that the exam must be over and he was going to get the necessary paperwork. Remy lacroix new porno 2019. That wasn't so bad, I guess. she thought to herself.

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Then the doctor came back with the nurse. "Okay, Mrs. Robbins, we need to draw some blood to run some tests and then we can do your pelvic exam.

You can have my nurse stay in here with you while we do the exam if it will be more comfortable, it's up to you," he said. Alya555 cam4 sex rooms.

Brooke sat there stunned, the words "pelvic exam" reverberating in her brain. She had never liked these damn things and tried to avoid them whenever possible.

"Oh, Dr. Williams that won't be necessary, I just had an exam not too long ago from my regular OB GYN doctor. Little lupe anal sex. She said everything was fine down there. You can call her and talk to her if you like. She works at the. " Brooke said.

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But Dr. Williams cut her off mid-sentence. "Mrs. Robbins, I understand how you feel. Many women don't like the pelvic exam, but you are here for a comprehensive pre-employment physical which does require a complete vaginal and rectal exam as well as a pap smear, so I'm afraid you'll need to remove your underwear so we can continue," he said. Phone sex girls in usa phone numbers.

The doctor's words vaginal, rectal exam, and pap smear made her gasp; she wasn't prepared for such an intrusive exam! Dr. Williams let the nurse take over, and she approached Brooke, still holding the exam gown up covering her breasts.

"You'll need to go ahead and slip your panties off now dear," the nurse said gently, "You can go behind the curtain and put them with your clothes if you want. "

With little choice, Brooke obeyed reluctantly, slipping the gown up over her arms, getting up from the table, and going behind the dressing curtain to remove her underwear.

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Koketochka555 porno. She slipped her panties down around her ankles and stepped out of them, placing them on top of her clothes, then she returned to the exam table.

She wished the doctor would hurry up and get this embarrassing and humiliating exam over with.

"All right, sweetie lay back on the table and put your knees up," the nurse instructed her. Sex threesome with two sister. Brooke did so and her gown slid up around her waist exposing her now naked pussy. The nurse paid little attention to her exposed privates as she unfolded the retractable stirrups at the foot of the table. Brooke had always thought this setup looked strangely like some kind of torture device from the medieval times like some perverted stretching rack!

"Now, put your legs here in the leg supports and put your feet in the stirrups hon, and you'll need to scoot down so your bottom is right here on the edge of the table," the nurse said, helping her to lift her legs into place. "There.

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