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Clare still blushed.

She looked at Sally who smiled in support, probably knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she will be in the same position, waiting to be ordered across her friend’s Mother’s lap to be thrashed by the same brush, or one like it. Kristen stewart caught having sex.

I said Oh my, your face is almost as red as your bottom, but don’t worry, once I have used this on your backside it will be as red as your face.

I patted my knee and Clare obediently bent down so her unprotected bottom was again perched in position, allowing me the perfect angle for swinging the hairbrush. Young grils naked sexy feet.

Twenty four hard swats later and Clare was sobbing and crying like she hadn’t done ever before.

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I think this young lady might have learnt her lesson now, don’t you? Susan said to me.

She directed the question to Clare who said yes Mum, sorry Mum.

You really are sorry are you Clare? 12inchduolove live teen sex chat. I asked.

Yes Mum, really really sorry.

That’s new I said to Susan.

It happens like that she said, smiling.

OK Clare, back facing the wall while we have coffee.

We had a pleasant coffee.

After a while I said OK Clare, corner time is over so you can rub now. Russian webcam tits.

Clare thankfully rubbed her bottom feeling more relaxed.

She put her skirt and knickers back on and joined the others for her own coffee, back in everyone’s good books.

Well Clare, a lesson well learnt.

Yes Mum, it’s just I was embarrassed to be spanked in front of Susan and Sally.

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Susan said oh that’s nothing Clare, Sally gets spanked in front of the whole family.

I am sure knowing she will suffer the humiliation reduces the number of times she gets spanked though.

I asked how often do you need to spank Sally then? It’s usually 4 or 5 times a month, that’s all. Edytt sexy 0nline chat girls.

Clare gasped.

It was far more in the early days of course, before she learnt it was better to be well behaved.

Of course I said, smiling at Clare’s obvious discomfort.

Susan said why don’t you two girls go upstairs so we can chat she said smiling at me. Women wanting nsa sex watertown south dakota.

I tell you what I said, why doesn’t Sally sleep over here tonight?

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Yes please" Sally said quickly.

Susan smiled in agreement.

As the two girls walked out Susan said stay up there until we call you, or else.

They both knew what that meant.

Sally said come on Clare, why don’t I rub some cool cream on that sore bottom of your. German sexy milf.

The two girls went upstairs hand in hand.

Don’t forget, any noise and you both get this hairbrush Susan shouted after them.

The comment was met by giggles from the girls as they disappeared.

Thank you Susan.

No problem she answered and without any warning she leant forward to kiss me.

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