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Still no reaction.

Thinking this is a bad start, he?s clearly not turned on I undressed and went to the showers.

While showering and soaping my now shrinking cock a guy came in the shower room.

I saw he had a massive cock which was half hard.

I told him the shower next to me was faulty, only running cold water. Slut shower fucking.

This one is o.


I told him, waving him towards me.

He stepped closer and I brushed my hand over his member.

OMG I thought, I need to play with that.

It was s big I doubt I could get my lips around it.

I gripped it and gently started rubbing it.

He raised his hand and held out an open palm saying he wanted money.

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I said no thanks and thought this night is not going well.

When you enter the club they issue you with 2 towels, one big to dry yourself with the other small to wrap around your waist, I folded mine a bit smaller and wrapped it around my waist, it was now short enough to just cover the end of my dick, if it got hard it would poke out from under the towel, then I went to the sauna. Chick fucked deep penetration small pussey.

The sauna was very relaxing, there was 3 other guys in the tub.

I lay in the water, there was so many bubbles you couldn?t see through the water so I gently stroked my cock to hardness again.

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It was exciting wanking with 3 guys so close and they didn?t know what I was doing. Sexylovers free live online porn face chat no registration.

A couple of times I felt a leg or foot brushing my leg, but nothing else happened so I thought it was just the water jets moving them.

After the sauna I went to the TV room where there was a big TV showing gay porn.

3 men were fucking and sucking on screen. Yanastar couple sex on cam.

There were 4 rows of chairs , I sat down, raised my towel a little and played with myself.

The door was right in front of me so if anyone came in they would see what I was doing.

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Someone did come, he looked at me, edged next to the doorway and leaned against the wall, watching me. Free interracial sex carson.

I got nervous and stopped.

Behind the TV room is a room with booths with a small TV in each booth, a chair and glory holes.

They were all empty, I picked a booth, sat down for a good wank being well and truly turned on by the porn.

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