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Smack! Diane’s daughter buried her head and her tears began to fall on her mother’s blue and yellow summer dress.

The older woman ignored this, instead focusing on her neighbour who was concentrating on administering a memorable and painful punishment. Sexymimilota video.

Her next stroke landed moments later with a loud, Smack! Zofeya swayed but her mother held her tightly and securely in place over the table.

Miss Manson soon had the strap back over her right shoulder and sent it on its way once again.

Smack! Yet more screams and sobs from the girl, but Pauline ignored her, returning the heavy piece of leather to her right shoulder.

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Smack! Diane looked across at Aimee.

The girl was standing there nervously, with her right index finger in her mouth.

Smack! Pauline’s next stroke bit Zofeya low down across her bottom and the backs of her legs.

Again, more screams and sobs.

Smack! Miss Manson laid the nasty piece of leather out within millimetres of her previous stroke. Freesexchat hot.

She paused for a moment to allow the girl to calm herself and also to take a closer look at her neighbour’s daughter’s bottom.

She smiled as she saw the mix of reds and pinks that covered the undoubtedly sore bottom.

The strap was returned to her right shoulder once more before being sent on its way.

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Smack! The sixty-nine-year-old laid the piece of leather across the younger girl’s bottom, expertly landing it within millimetres of her previous stroke.

Mummy! Please make her stop! She shouted.

Diane simply shook her head and shushed her daughter, nodding over at Pauline to continue. Arsene33 sexy live chatte mobil.

The older woman landed her next stroke.

Smack! The experienced disciplinarian returned her attention to the centre of the girl’s small bottom.

Smack! Another stroke landed across the centre of the red-hot bottom lying at the mercy of Pauline Manson.

Zofeya continued to sob and sniff as the retired teacher took the piece of leather back over her right shoulder.

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Smack! The girl swayed but was held in place by her mother.

Smack! Another swipe with the strap caught dark-haired Zofeya across the tops of her thighs.

Pauline returned the strap to her shoulder and sent it down once more.

Smack! The strap caught the eighteen-year-old higher than the other strokes across the fleshy part of her bottom. Usa sexy girs fuck videa chatt.

Pauline ignored the shouts and sobs and pleas that came from her neighbour’s daughter and took aim once more.

Smack! A painful stroke caught Zofeya Caldwell in between right buttock and thigh.

Miss Manson took aim for one final time, pausing until she was satisfied, before bringing the leather strap down with as much force as she could muster.

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Smack! It bit deep into the middle of Zofeya’s bottom and caused the girl to sway and struggle.

The retired teacher took a deep breath before laying the bloodied tan piece of leather down on the dining table beside Zofeya, who was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. Chattasex gratis.

The sixty-nine-year-old smiled at Aimee as she walked into the living room, returning moments later with her thirty-inch long senior dragon cane.

She swished it several times through the air, laughing as she saw Aimee Connell’s shocked reaction.

Diane continued to hold her daughter’s wrists as she looked over at her older neighbour.

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She had become very aroused and her knickers were soaking wet from the thought of being punished and then pleasured by the older woman.

Zofeya’s mum hoped that she could make her excuses to go next door that evening and go to bed with the deceptively attractive and very sexual, Pauline Manson. Bunny sex video.

Now, girls.

You will receive eighteen strokes of the cane across your bottoms to show you that I will not tolerate your drunken behaviour.

Do I make myself clear, young ladies? Diane smiled across at Aimee, who replied quietly.




Zofeya took a few moments to compose herself before she raised her head and looked tearfully at her mother.

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I’m sorry.

She buried her head in her arms once again.

Pauline Manson took up her stance at Zofeya’s left hand side and placed her left hand on her hip before beginning to tap the dense cane across Diane’s daughter’s bottom.

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