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Her finger played with me, then it was gone. Okay, I’m going to wash my hands. Then it will be time for the belt.

Far too quickly, she was back out of the bathroom, her hands playing with my sore cheeks.

Her voice strong, she said, Step away from the wall. Sodelicious www free vedeos porno chatt. I did. Bend over, get your hands down to your feet, then step through, so they’re tied in front of you. I did, my ass not liking the bending over part. I saw that my hands were tied with the belt from her bathrobe, then looked up and saw the belt in her hand. Anissa kate legalporno 3 on 1 porno. Holy shit. It was not a women’s belt, looked more like something a lumberjack would wear, old and wide and thick.

I thought about her spanking her sister with it, wondered what her sister looked like, what her ass looked like afterwards.

Her hand took my arm, stood me up and led me to the back of the couch. Cougar free local sex chat phone. Bend over the couch. I did, my hands on the cushions. Further, rest on your elbows. I want you up on your toes, straining to please me.

Oh Christ that felt vulnerable, my bottom so high, not being able to see anything behind me. She rubbed the belt over my ass. 35p sex fetish phone 0893. I knew it was going to hurt, but how much? Would I survive it?

She said, You will ask for each one, and then thank me. Something like ‘Number one please Miss’ and ‘thank you Miss, number two please.


Yes, Miss.

It will hurt. But you will stay in position, keep that ass high for me. Big natural webcam tits. I do not want to see those heels touching the ground.

Yes, Miss.

If you stand up, or I’m not happy with your position, that one won’t count, and you’ll get two extras. I closed my eyes, promising myself that I’d stay in position, please her.

Ask for the first one. Master bating and naked sex.

My voice weak, I said, Number one, please Miss.

And why are you getting the first six?

I had no idea, no memory of why.

Then it came back to me. I didn’t follow your directions, Miss. The Miss was becoming second nature.

I heard a weird little whistling noise, didn’t put two and two together quick enough, when that God damn belt cracked into my ass.

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I cried out, barely managed not to scream and stand up. The hurt and the heat was blossoming out from my ass.

The belt tapped my ass, reminding me of what she wanted. Thank you Miss. Number two please.

Thwap! This one lower than the first, right where so many from the hairbrush had landed. Sex cam your self. The tears were back, already, twelve seeming like an impossible number.

She asked, When I tell you you’ve earned a spanking, what are you to do? Her voice sounded rough.

Get naked and get to my naughty spot, Miss.

And if others are here, does that matter? Kimberlysmith free live video sex chats without registration.

No, Miss. She wouldn’t really spank me in front of my friends, would she?


The tap of the belt again.

Thank you Miss. Number three, ple—

Thwap! THWAP!

I wasn’t expecting the second one. It hurt sooooo much, right on top of the first. A scream ripped out of my lips and I stood up and turned around. Lorna morgan porno. I wanted to scream that wasn’t fair, but the look in her eyes stopped me cold. Sorry, Miss. Though it took all the will I had, I turned away from her and bent back over the couch.

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