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He froze, unable to process what his eyes were telling him.

Kelly sat naked on the floor in front of the bathroom sink, knees covering her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs.

She had her head tucked down against her chest, hiding her face from David, and he could only see part of her front, the left side of her body and her back. Teen leggings webcam.

He instinctively looked for her face and saw the slight tip to her ears - points she'd never had before.

There was a light growth of dark hair on the tops of her shoulders that trailed down in a line to her forearms.

Her entire body was soaked in sweat. Gerl sexs.

The hair covering her shoulders lined her spine and down her lower back and up to the point of a stub of a tail slowly wriggling at the base of her spine.

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David's mind screamed at him.

It was wrong.

It was all wrong.

It was Kelly - her pale light skin and auburn hair. Sexy cam sex.

Her arms were more defined and her legs were thicker than he remembered seeing in the brief glances he stole when she wore a dress or skirt but it was still Kelly.

As he watched, dark, nearly black hairs grew from her calf muscles.

Kelly shifted, moaning in pain or pleasure, shoulders working as if she were releasing stress, back and down, muscles she'd never had in her back flexing around her shoulder blades. Sexy females with sexy round boob and asses.

When she looked at him, her eyes were the color of sunshine filtering through a drop of honey.

David sat hard on his ass in the hallway, blinking in confusion as his mouth worked to form a sentence.

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Her lips were dark black and split slightly at the top, showing her canine teeth and an expression of pain and confusion. Fuckmobile cams.

Her jaw, so delicate before, was thicker.

Her face looked slightly longer and David swore she had more teeth than she should.





" David sputtered, trying to form rational thought.

The fingers of her left hand were larger, her whole hand bigger and tipped in thick black claws except for her thumb.

"David. Bisexual cam sites.

I told you not to come.

I told you.

I- What.

what is that?" Kelly's voice was slightly muffled but still recognizably hers.

She stopped, tilting her head back and closing her eyes.

Small auburn and black hairs pushed through the skin of her cheeks and along her chin as David watched.

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He couldn't look away from her mouth.

Beautiful white teeth against dead black lips.

Her canine teeth were longer - she couldn't close her mouth all the way.

Four of the teeth near her canines were nearly as long and as sharp as her canines were now.

And, now that he noticed, he saw a bloody tooth on the ground near her sweaty body. Free milf webcam 1on1.

Kelly sat up to her knees, still sniffing the air with her eyes closed.

David couldn't help but look at her nakedness.

Her hips were wider - he'd felt the curve of her body and there wasn't much there before.

Now, the swoop from the side of her chest to her hips was noticeable. Shemale fuck girl cumshot compilation vicats.

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Her stomach was completely flat and muscular, leading down to thighs nearly as thick as his own, larger than they were just minutes ago.

Her vagina was completely covered by a thick tuft of fur that lead up to a line of hair leading to her belly button - a fluffy "happy trail.

" Her breasts were as small as he’d imagined, a small handful but perky with large, rock hard nipples that dented in slightly at the tip. Seksetomilo tamil girl tamil sex sexgirl tamil.

Her nipples were black and, while he'd never seen them before, he was sure they weren't that color before.

The line of hair growing down from her chin ran to her neck, little hairs dotting out and around and then down the front of her chest and between her breasts, meeting the hair around her belly button.

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With another moan, one sounding nearly close to sexual, Kelly licked around her lips with a tongue too large for her mouth.


" She opened her beautiful eyes to stare at him.

Her right hand was nearly as large as her left but there were no claws.

She rubbed herself down her right breast, rocking slightly on her hips at the touch to her nipple and then down the new growth of fur on her stomach and into the thick hair around her pussy. Quasars webcamporn fr.

David could smell her wetness mixed in with the other smells.

It was intoxicating and his head swam from it all.

Kelly made a slow circuit of her black lips with her dog-like tongue again, rubbing herself as she stared at David.

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And then, she leaned forward to fall to her hands and knees.

"David," she moaned again. Zhanasex69 www seks arab webcam com.

Her small breasts hung lightly in front of her as she held the position, again closing her eyes to sniff the air.

The skin of her philtrum darkened and turned black above her lips.

Kelly shook her head slowly side to side and whined slightly.

The stub of her tail was longer now and completely covered in black fur. Dowload foto solo hot sexi.

She arched her back up and then down, raising her ass in the air as hairs erupted around her entire back.

She crawled to him, swaying her hips as she did.

David was transfixed.

One hand (clawed) and one knee, ass swishing and then the other hand (no claws) and other knee.

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Closer and closer until her head was inches away.

Her eyes snapped open and she looked up at him.

His heart was racing.

The smell was intense.

The smell of her wetness.

The smell of her sweat.

The other smells of her - the smells that made him think of the rich earth on the floor of a forest and exotic spices in a foreign market. Webcam hairy masturbating.

Kelly lowered her head to his crotch, nearly purring as she nuzzled against him.

Despite the scene in front of him, David was completely hard.

He wanted to touch her but his hands wouldn't move.

He watched as the little black and brown and honey colored hairs lengthened on her back, darkening as they did, growing down to cover her ass.

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She moaned, shuddering and nipping at his dick through his pants.

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