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Then, madness set in as she fed her finger slowly, forcing it one knuckle at a time, into the tight ring of my ass, working it slowly in and out in time with her talented tongue.

"I’m g g going to cum…" I warned Kay.

"Not until you answer one last question, baby. Sexy ladies get a big cumshot.

This is for all the marbles.

God, you look so hot with another girl eating your steaming pussy.

I can’t wait to punish you later.

Maybe you’ll get your wish, this time, and I’ll take you down to the park and hang you by your wrist from that old oak tree and whip you until your throat is too raw to scream.

" This, I am ashamed to admit, had been a fantasy of mine for some time. Fuck chat line for a angra dos reis.

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Just the thought of it made me shake violently.

The vision of Kay doing just that, dressed in tight leather pants, boots, and a leather jacket, was almost too much to bear.

I groaned, my head rolling back and forth, Cindy attacking my nipple vigorously, sinking her teeth into my flesh until I had to force myself not to scream while Jenny pushed me closer and closer to the edge of no return.


" I blurted out, not even thinking, unaware that Kay hadn’t yet asked her question, earning me a sharp bark of laughter.

"I should give you another chance, but frankly, I don’t think you’ll do any better.

" I felt her lips brush my ear, her warm breath exciting me beyond reason, her whisper sensuous.

"You lose.

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Now, let’s see what kind of consolation prize we can give you.

" The words were barely out of her mouth when I climaxed.

Not one of those lovely little orgasms that gently shake though the limbs, either, but an explosive one.

My body felt white hot as I began to buck my hips, my tormentors doing their best to hold me down, Jenny somehow managing to keep my cunt and ass filled, driving her tongue deeper into my twat with each thrust of my hips so that, instead of her fucking me, I was fucking her. Porno web camera videochat.

I screamed, a sound punctuated by a string of profanity.

At least that is what I was told.

I do know I came close to blacking out, or at least losing all awareness of everything except the extreme pleasure that burned through my entire body, originating and terminating in my cunt.

Alexchris no login sexchat. Charlie
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How long it lasted, I don’t know.

Hours, perhaps, or weeks.

In truth, I’m sure it wasn’t more then a minute, but it seemed endless.

Finally, exhausted, I collapsed against the mattress, pleading for Jenny to stop, unaware that she’d already done so and was simply licking the nectar from my overly sensitive clit, each feathery touch of her tongue making me gasp with pleasure. Tamil actresses sexy pics.

Or maybe it was pain.

I was no longer able to tell the difference.

Slowly, I became aware of conversation around me, my name being mentioned more then once.

They were discussing my fate, it seemed.

I listened in, still too dazed to make much sense of words strung together into sentences, simply happy that I seemed to be the center of a slowly forming snuggle pile comprised of women whose eyes were still alight with lust.

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Smiling to myself, I wondered when the tender touches and soft giggles that the four of us were sharing would turn to something else.

After all, Kay and Jenny had yet to experience what I just had.

Reaching out, I ran my fingers over my lover’s cheek, attracting her gaze, my emotions over flowing with love.

"I want you.

" I whispered. Interactive sex game.

It wasn’t loud enough to be heard over the music, but I could tell by her smile that she understood.

I wanted to be the one to make her cum.

At least the first time.

To be concluded.

A note: Unlike the other kitty girl stories, this one does is not %100 true. Old ladys on fort hill pennsylvania sex.

In actuallity, I blended the events of two different evenings out with my owner and my sitter into one story, just to make it a better read, and added a little here and there to make it more entertaining.

Alexchris no login sexchat. Charlie

That said, most of it is based in fact.

"If they sacrifice you to the Dragon now, he'll flame the village.

" Hello. Daughter fuck mom free video.

It's Patty again, continuing the hijacking of Vickie's novel.

I hope you don't mind.

I just didn't really thank Vickie for all she's done for Charlie and me during the first part of the hijack, so I wanted to make sure I did that here.

And what better way than to tell the wedding story. Web camera sex hd online.

But first, I have to fill in the gap.

Patty's Side 2 We were lying naked in Charlie's bed, talking about all the things that changed when we stopped being virgins.

"That would serve them right.

Here's one, our blood is no good for all those satanic rituals that need virgin blood now.

" I added.

"Good one.

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" "Hey! That's enough of that, buster!" "That's me.

Bust 'er hymen.

" I punched his arm for that one.

We were both kind of giddy and not paying attention to the passage of time.

We must have been talking for hours. Fucked tight redbone pussy.

Suddenly we heard a key in the door lock.

Charlie's roommate was back from studying.

I quickly pulled the sheet over me and ducked behind Charlie.

Darvin, his Chinese-American roommate came in and dropped his books on his desk.

Then he must have noticed my clothes on the floor.

"Oh, sorry. Big tite porno girls haveing sex.

Is that you, Patty?" I peeked my head over Charlie's shoulder and said, "Hi Darvin.

Alexchris no login sexchat. Charlie

I'm glad you didn't say Bubbles or Zelda.

" "They both have much bigger clothes," he quipped.

Charlie said, "Can you give us about 15 minutes of privacy, Dude.

" "Sure thing, Charlie.

" He said and went back out the door. Hid cam sex.

I heard knocking on the door across the hall as I quickly got dressed.

"I'll walk you down to the front door.

" "You don't have to.

" "It's no bother.

" We walked out Charlie's door and the hallway was lined with Charlie's floormates.

Oh, god! I was so embarrassed.

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