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Fantasizing about fucking you always made me come so hard, she said.

Do you want me to come for you? Oh yeah.

To that end, he picked up the pace.

He tried to bend over and reach for her tits, but the angle was too awkward.

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Why don't we just do a trial day today.

I'll let you get the feel for it, and we'll go from there, hmm?" "Okay.

That sounds good.

What would like me to get started on?" ~~~ Stacy sits on her uncomfortable chair staring at a couple of stacks of paper.

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He told me he knew he deserved it.

His bottom was burning when I rubbed it.

So you let him off? Audrey asked.

Lizzie smirked and said No way, I was furious, I’d been beside myself with worry so there was no way he was going to get out of a spanking from me for going AWOL.

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Matt do you remember the last time we had phone sex? Nooooo Mmm it was so hot, baby take your pants of for me.

I am naked on the bed thinking about your beautiful cock.

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She looked down and stuck out her tongue, which she’d never done before, so my head rubbed against her tongue with each thrust.

Here it comes baby, I said to Sheri.

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Sucking on John’s cock, I pulled my fingers from Anne’s pussy and moved away from between them.

I slowly stroked John’s erection between Anne’s lips before I pushed it into her wetness.

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He has an odd look on his face, and I get the distinct impression a woman has never said anything like that to him before.

Especially a married white one.

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Through a sharp smile and a sharper angling up of his eyebrow he said, "Ca ne fait rien.

It's cool.

It's nice to be noticed.

Get used to them, 'cause these shorts, they are not going anywhere.

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Jeremy's Aunt always stood him up in front of her with his pants still down.

She would continue the scolding that she had delivered, looking him up and down.

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Gary bought me loads of new underwear when he went back to the UK one time, and he chose some pretty sexy stuff for me.

It's really difficult to buy anything that sexy here in Turkey.

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That’s better.

Now lets get out of the shower and get going.

We still have a long way to drive.

We got dressed and headed out the door.

She sat next to me as I drove.

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I realized, however, she was a bit nervous and shy about anal penetration, so I would need to take this development slow.

I thought there were still a few tricks this old dog could introduce her to.

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Finally Kaye said, "Jake, I know you loved Megan with all your heart, and I realize that this darling little girl has been by your side through it all.

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My moans continued, my ears surprised that no muffling of the sounds released from my mouth occurs.

I felt wetness seeping from my cock as I reached the climax of my experience.

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It was like we had been lovers for years, not just minutes.

Intuitively, he knew just how to touch me to send me racing to the very peak of my arousal.

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I went to all fours again and we found our stride as I pushed back into every thrust he gave me.

He fucked me like I was his bitch and I loved it.

I shouted and yelled with ecstasy as he did it to me, and I could swear he was even harder than before.

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It was a light simple kiss, only because we were in an airport. The simple touch of his lips against mine, made everything worth it.

Waiting back at home, the plane ride, the nights of tears and frustration over wanting someone you couldn't have, all of it, was worth it, because here I was.

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She was so hot that her pussy was leaking juices down her thighs.

Mixed with my lubricating tongue and mouth, she was becoming quite a sight.

Are you sure about this baby girl?

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Ladies were told in the ads to dress to impress be it naughty or nice.

The opening was on a hot, steamy July Saturday night. Living on Long Island, that meant at least 85 and humidity over 60%.

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I leaned down and licked her dripping pussy for a moment, making her moan, then moved up behind her and slowly slipped the cock into her.

I took hold of her hips and watched enraptured as what was now my cock slid all the way into my Amy's pussy.

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Part of my brain (the part that lives in my pants) told me to just keep going.

Just grab hold of her ass then if she balked, I could just say I hadn’t been paying attention.

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Her body stiffened as her orgasm swept through her body.

The only sound in the room was her heavy breathing.

She collapsed back against the pillows.

Do you feel better Kari?

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He was hard, hard like steel.

His cock was trying to tear his white underwear.

I wasn’t ready to feel it so I just controlled my feelings, and let him feel me.

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Oh god, Davey! You were right; we do have time for this! Uunhhh, yeah; I thought you’d see it my way.

How do you keep it so hot in there without bursting into flame?

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Dave scanned up and down her tight body with appreciation.

He was just about to tell her to come to him, but then he noticed that her hands were hidden behind her glorious ass.

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She visited me three times this week.

She called herself April, but did you say kind of curvy, with long wavy brown hair? I don’t think I mentioned the wavy part, but yeah, that sounds like her.

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I was naked except for my briefs.

Still her hand rubbed my briefs enjoying any way she could because she never let up.

Her hand moved over my limp cock smoothly and she always looked into my face.

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One thing I did know though, was that Alex wouldn't be the last man I fucked.

Veronica was an 18 year old firecracker.

With her long tan legs, perky titties and plump ass, the men were always looking at her, fantasizing about her.

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Then my arms and legs were stretched out and a decent amount of relief was felt as I was alone.

"I feel like shit.

" I yawned and my eyes toured my bedroom of my apartment.

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I just don't have it when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually.

End of story.

" She looked stricken.

I didn't see it coming.

She slapped me so hard that she spun me around.

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Sheila was focused on Jason’s cock.

It felt wonderful to have his long cock inside her tight pussy.

She felt the head of his cock rubbing against her pussy walls sending shock waves throughout her body.

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The man said softly, Let’s see how you are on the Hershey Highway.

He then pulled some of the fluids from her cunt and smeared them between her ass cheeks.

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Circling his head, the thrusts became too much to bare and I shouted, an alluring smirk pampering his cheeks.

You’re gonna cum for me baby? He taunted.

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There it is.

The magic question that puts him in charge of his fantasy and all that he wants me to do.

I watch as a grin crawls over his face, and I think he may just cum with excitement.

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Was it a feeling of hidden satisfaction? We left it at that.

We had lunch at the canteen.

We returned at about 2.

30 pm and went into our respective enclosures.

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When she returned to her table after one particularly hot dance, she appeared slightly breathless.

"Your friends have roaming hands," she told Brad as she brushed back her long blonde hair with her hand.

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As he dried off he dropped the used towels on the floor and used his foot to move them around to sop up the puddles.

He pulled his shirt back on and saw Titus watching him.

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However, that was then and this is the present.

Now, my man’s genitals are in my mouth whenever possible during our lovemaking – and at other times, as well.

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I sat in a chair looking out over the harbour, dark save for a few twinkling lights.

I rose and poured myself a brandy then pressed the bell to summons Irina who arrived within seconds.

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Gracie, as she fingered her pussy, tried smiling at the notion, but it was very hard seeing as she was getting more and more aroused as she did it.

She knew she and her daddy were going to do what they did earlier.

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