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Boy, the memories we had in college.

Tim said.

He is staying with us? Amanda asked.

Yah! It will be great! You remember Dave don’t you? I am pretty sure you met him our last semester at college.

Tim asked.

I vaguely remember him, a stunned Amanda responded back. Brianna beach porno hd anal.

What a great guy he was! Tim then said.

Amanda quickly raced off to their bedroom as she felt sick to her stomach.

Dave brought back old memories that she wanted to forget.

She had a dark secret that Tim knew nothing about and it involved Dave.

Amanda and Tim had been married for the last two years. Free erotic bisexual video bisexual.


They had started dating their last semester of college.

It was then that Amanda had cheated on Tim with Dave.

It all had started on a spring day in their last semester of school.

Amanda had stopped by to see Tim on a sunny bright afternoon.

She had a key to his place that he had been renting. Bhojpuri live sex.

She wanted to surprise him as she didn’t notice him anywhere in the living room or kitchen.

She then checked the bedroom and lone behold she heard the shower in the bathroom.

This gave her another idea as she quickly got undress and quietly snuck into the bathroom. Japanese webcam porn.

She knew Tim had no idea that she was in their as she went up to the shower door.


She gently began to pull the door open when she got the surprise of her life.

It wasn’t Tim, but it was actually Dave his roommate in the shower.

A totally naked Amanda froze up as she back away from the shower door. Sex machine movie online.

Dave was stunned also as he came out of the shower soak and wet.

He said, Amanda! What are you doing here? A stunned Amanda said, Ohhhh! I am sorry! I thought you were Tim! I wanted to surprise him! Amanda stood totally naked only a few feet from Dave. Girls to fuck oakbrook terrace.

Dave’s body was much more define than Tim’s and his cock was significantly bigger and thicker than Tim‘s.


Her eyes quickly had become glued to Dave’s cock as it grew in size as she stood their in front of him.

Dave noticed Amanda had been starting at his big cock when he said, You like what you see Amanda? Jennifer lawrence sexy porn. Amanda couldn’t talk at all as she stood their stunned and naked in front of Dave.

Amanda had a gorgeous body with big tits and a great ass.

Her nipples harden as she couldn’t remove her eyes from his big cock.

Dave then said to her, Why don’t you come over here and suck on my big cock Amanda! Kamera chat porno. Amanda began to melt right their in front of him.

She was really turned on now as knelt down in front of him.


Dave’s beautiful cock was now only a few inches from her mouth.

Dave said, Come on Amanda! I want you to suck my cock! Amanda grabbed Dave’s cock and slowly inserted it into her mouth. Total free xxx cam free private sex web.

Dave‘s cock was way heavier and thicker than Tim’s.

She gave Dave one of the best blow jobs of his life right their in the bathroom.

It took all about 10 minutes and Dave began to fill Amanda’s mouth with his cum.

Amanda eagerly sucked every drop of his cum down her throat. Tr mobil sex chat.

Wow! I knew you would love my big cock Amanda! Don’t worry! This will be our little secret, Dave told her as he left the bathroom.


Amanda couldn’t believe what just had happened.

She never had felt such an urge to do anything close to this before, but something just came over her. Sex on phonecam.

She quickly got dressed and headed back out of the house.

The next few weeks Amanda couldn’t get Dave’s cock out of her mind.

She dreamed several times about Dave fucking her with it.

Her pussy was hot all the time as it began to consume her.

She knew she had to confront Dave about what had happened. Discreet sex monaco.

She wanted to talk it out and hope that everything would be fine.

She visited Dave one afternoon while Tim was in class.

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