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Do you still want me? I asked.

Have I just destroyed our marriage? No! Well, I don’t think so! I… I really don’t know.

I need a bit of time and space.

There was a long pause.

I felt sick.

I don’t know how I imagined he would react but it wasn’t like this.

I think I’ll sleep in the spare room tonight, he eventually said, grabbing his pyjamas from the bedside chair. Paulavegasxxx free lesbian sex chat rooms no registration.

Pete! I grabbed his hand but he shook me away.

Let me go, please Penny.

I need time to think.

Pete I’m so sorry I… Goodnight Penny! he said and left the room.

I suspect neither of us slept a wink that night.

I know I didn’t; the entire night was dominated by feelings of guilt, shame, regret, self-loathing and many other emotions that the darkness brings out.

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I had hurt the man I loved and had hurt him badly.

Despite the many times he had told me how much he wanted me to take a lover, now it had actually happened the reality had been more painful for him than I had imagined.

My mind painted vivid images of what life as a divorcee might be like; the pain of the process, the legal battle, the shame of having my infidelity known throughout our friendship group. Meet and fuck rockford illinois.

Then afterwards, living in a small house or flat, my children being ashamed of me, my family treating me with contempt.

But then came equally vivid images and memories in my mind of what sex with Tony had felt like and the certain knowledge that whatever happened, I really did not want it to stop.

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I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was woken early the next morning by the sound of the front door being closed and Pete’s car reversing along the driveway.

It was six o’clock; a full ninety minutes earlier than he would usually leave.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the guest room to find his bed made but no other signs of his having moved out. Petite colombian girl fucked.

For the whole of that day, Pete either ignored my calls and messages or else simply replied with the one line: ‘I just need some space to think’ When I phoned Tony to tell him what had happened he was unsurprisingly anxious to know whether Pete knew who my lover was, presumably to be prepared for any unwanted and potentially violent ‘meetings’ that might take place.

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He was very relieved when I explained Pete had said he didn’t want to know who my partner in crime was.

Pete didn’t come home that night or the night after.

There were enough terse text exchanges for me to know he was still safe and at work but the pain in knowing he couldn’t stand being in the same house as me was almost too much to bear. Sexy red haed givng a blowjob.

Interestingly, although he offered many times, I didn’t want to go to Tony’s and stay with him.

I wanted to be findable; at home or in my office if and when my husband wanted me.

It was all but impossible to concentrate at work but I couldn’t let anyone know what had happened so I had to force myself to behave as normally as possible while my mind was fixed on the terrible thing I had done to the man I loved.

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Thank God none of the kids called to speak to their father.

After two terrible, guilt-ridden, sleepless days on my own, I was woken early on the Wednesday morning by noises coming from downstairs.

It was still dark but I realised that Pete must have returned. Sex webcam self suck.

My heart thumping in my chest, I listened hard for any clues as to what he was doing, expecting at any moment to hear the packing of bags prior to him leaving me.

Eventually I heard the familiar and reassuringly normal sound of the kettle beginning to heat up. Chat sexy hot.

It took all my courage but eventually I got out of bed, pulled my robe around my shoulders and padded downstairs towards the source of the sounds and the future of my marriage – if I still had one.

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Pete looked tired and upset too when I entered the kitchen as silently as I could as if unworthy to be there or to behave in any way normally. Busty spanish girl fuck.

Hello, I said softly as I approached him from behind, making him jump slightly.

How are you? What? Oh hi! Good morning Penny.

It was a better greeting than I had feared.

Better than perhaps I deserved.

Are you okay? Where have you been? I asked tentatively. All fours sex.

I’m okay, he replied, ignoring the second part of my question.

It’s very early.

Have you slept? I asked.

Pete sighed.

I’m not sure I’ve slept for the last three nights to be honest.

How about you? Pretty much the same, I replied truthfully, instinctively beginning to put away the dishes from the draining board as if in a vain attempt to distract myself and feel vaguely normal.

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Eventually the futility dawned on me and I asked him straight out.

You’ve come home.

Does that mean you’ve thought about it? About us? Are we… are we… still together…after… I couldn’t finish the sentence.

He poured two mugs of tea and handed one to me, mumbling something under his breath; something that sounded like ‘Be careful what you wish for! Astarta69 webcam show. Are we still together? After you’ve been having an affair? I honestly don’t know, Penny.

I still can’t get my mind around it.

Part of me tells me that I did want you to do it; that it should be okay.

Another part of me can’t bear it.

I hung my head instinctively in shame. Horny webcam girls.

But he hadn’t finished.

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I still can’t believe you actually cheated on me, Penny.

I know what I said about finding a lover but it hurts! I suppose deep down I didn’t think you’d ever go through with it.

I certainly didn’t think you’d do it without talking it through with me first. Sex with me so amazing by rihanna.

Now I’ve lost you for real I’m not sure how I feel.

You haven’t lost me! I protested, Not if you still want me! I know I don’t want to lose you.

He turned to face me.

You really mean that? You really want us to stay together? Yes! Really I do! I love you Pete! Registration sex chat in africa. But you want to keep on seeing this man? You want to keep on… fucking him? I winced at his use of the ‘f’ word.

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