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That in addition to the shower I badly needed.

But as pressing as those needs were, they would wait for a moment.

I’d made the mistake of sitting down, and now I was stuck in that chair for the conceivable future.

Or at least the next few minutes.

I was a nurse by profession. Webcam dominatrix.

My job, while not physically taxing, per se, was mentally draining to be sure.

I worked at a long term health care facility.

An old folks home.

My place of employ wasn’t exactly a top-notch facility.

It was understaffed, short supplied, and all the beds were full of residents who were sick and getting sicker all the time. Addison rose fucked hard from behind.

I did the best I could with the environment I was placed in, but it was a difficult place to be in.

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie

That was my day job.

Or my night job, as it were, since I largely worked nights.

My second job was fighting.

I’d trained in Mixed Martial Arts for just shy of three years and was at the cusp of transitioning from an unpaid amateur to a paid professional athlete. Couple anal webcam.

People were dumbfounded when they found out I was a nurse and a fighter.

It was a strange combination, I’ll admit, but hey, I’m a strange guy sometimes, and anything but ordinary.

I was passionate about fighting and training.

A huge portion of my energy and time went into my MMA aspirations. Aurorepink10 worldsex vipcams4u com.

It was demanding, hard work, and I approached it very seriously.

If my professional and athletic pursuits didn’t keep me busy enough, then there were the boys.

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie

As if on cue, the two youngest, Dylan and Reggie, came rushing out of the back rooms the boys shared. Sexybeby30 free sex chat one to one.

Reggie, who was ten, came bounding over, all smiles as usual, and wanting a hug.

Reggie had his mother’s big dark eyes and her ears, and her lightly tanned skin.

He was a hugger like his mother, too.

Of my five stepsons (stepsons to be, technically, but it was all but official), he and I were probably the closest. Free livesex com without registration.

Welcome home, Evan, Reggie said as I gave him the hug he wanted.

I patted his back and smiled down at him tiredly.

Thanks, Reg.

You’ve got a black eye again, he observed.

I gave a soft chuckle.

Reggie always pointed out my bruises and bloody lips and black eyes and whatever other bits of damage I came home with.

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie
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He had a child’s morbid fascination with them.

I know.

It’s fine.

Where’s your mom? She’s in her room, Dylan shouted from where he stood watching TV, which was directly in front of it.

Lower your voice, I reminded him as I always did.

Sorry, Dylan said, only slightly quieter. Russian webcam porno.

I shook my head, stuck between amusement and annoyance.

Dylan hadn’t known the definition of ‘inside voice’ as long as I’d known him, and never had before then by all accounts.

He was the loudest and most boisterous of five loud and boisterous brothers. Huge natural boobs webcam.

Quite an accomplishment, that.

I think momma’s taking a nap, Reggie offered.


Where are the other boys?

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie
I asked.

Will and Paul are out.

Luke is in his room, Reggie reported, then moved back and crossed his arms over his chest in what was his best imitation of a stern and serious adult. Free webcam boys.

You need to talk to that kid, he kept picking on Dylan and me today and wouldn’t stop! I’m gonna punch him in the mouth! No you’re not, I said blandly, doing my best not to chuckle and smile just based on his posing alone.

Reggie tried so hard sometimes. School girls malayalamsex photos.

Just leave him alone.

He’s not messing with you now so it’s over with.

But he -- Reggie started to protest.

But nothing, I said firmly, holding up a hand to forestall his protest.

I’m sure he was picking on you.

Just like I’m sure you or Dylan or both of you did something to needle him or get into his hair in the first place, and I’m also sure when he started picking on you, you two got all in his face about it.

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So leave it.

It’s done with.

Understand? Reggie had an awful poker face.

I didn’t know the details, nor did I really care; the boys fought so much that I was more surprised on those rare occasions they actually did get along.

Clearly I was close enough with my guesswork of how things went down though, because Reggie didn’t even try to argue, instead muttering softly under his breath as he started to sulk. Usa java text sex chat.

What was that? I asked, arching a brow and giving him the look.

Yes, Sir, he mumbled louder.


Now quit moping.

I’m not moping, Reggie insisted, sulkily.

Umm, can we have fruit snacks? Dylan asked, still enraptured by the TV.

When did you have lunch? I asked.

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie
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I dunno, Dylan shrugged.


Look at me and answer my question, I instructed.

Huh? Um.

I think almost three hours ago, Dylan was able to provide once he tore his attention away from the TV.

Fine, you can have fruit snacks, I nodded.

Yesss, Dylan hissed, and did a rather theatrical celebratory fist pump. Sexy boobs of nikki bella.

Dylan was the ham of the family, and that was saying something, because all the boys were hams in one way or another.

But Dylan took the cake.

He was nine, small and thin and bony.

He was the runt of the brothers for sure but I felt sure he’d end up tall like two of his older brothers when he hit puberty. Lonely woman sex.

He had a big smile and a crazy mop of long curly hair that he refused to let his mother cut, to the point of actually running from the room whenever she so much as mentioned it.

Play free online 3d sex games. Reggie

No fruit snacks, their mother said as she emerged from our bedroom.

I’m about to make dinner. Hot 13045 women fucking.

Aww, the boys chorused together, but it was lackluster.

My attention focused on her as it always did when she was near.

Jess was my fiance, my girl, and my love.

She also happened to be my owned and collared slave.

We had been in a full time power exchange relationship for the better part of two and a half years. Sex chat for women.

It hadn’t taken very long at all into our relationship to identify as Master and slave.

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