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I hadn't seen him for over a week. This was going to be an awkward confrontation but I was determined to see it through as planned. I had the upper hand and I knew it!

Let me give you some background. My name is Elizabeth and I live in one of the best parts of Adelaide, South Australia. Adult mobile sex chat room. I'm 24 years old, tall and slender. I have a great body! My bum is small and tight. All those personal trainers actually accomplished something. I have long light brown hair and quite nice breasts.

They are not overly large but well rounded and firm.

My father passed away a couple of years ago and left me control of the family business. Sweetheartswe indian online sexy video chatting.

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I don't really know that much about it. Mark worked for my Dad for years and when he passed away, Mark took over as the manager.

Even though I live a wealthy life style, I don't actually own anything. The cars and even the house I live in are owned by the company. Artemissgod live sex chat local.

The company itself is owned by some kind of family trust. I have control of it but I don't own it directly. I think my dad set it up that way so that it couldn't all be taken off me in a divorce settlement or something like that. Basically, if Mark divorces me, he gets nothing! Free sex in cowansville pa.

I got married to Mark when I was 18. Way too young but we all make mistakes! For the next few years I lived a luxurious life style.

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I spent my days at beauty salon's and health spas. I played tennis at the local club or went swimming. We had a part time house keeper who came in every morning. Sex porn webcam. I really didn't have to work at all. I was always home like the dutiful wife by the time Mark got home from work.

I lost my virginity to Mark, on our wedding night. How rare is that these days? That's probably why I got married so young! He was the only man I had ever made love to. Trisha sex nude. We made love once or sometimes twice a week. The sex was okay as far as I knew but I didn't really have anything to compare it to. I never orgasmed when we had sex, but I knew what an orgasm was because I masturbated nearly every day, usually in the morning after Mark left for work and before the house keeper arrived.

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Just over a week ago on a Saturday morning, I came home unexpectedly and caught Mark cheating on me. He didn't hear me come in because his attention was somewhere else. He was in my bed with my best friend Amanda. He had her in doggy position, something I never liked and rarely did. Free webcam sexchat live in private without any credit. I stood there stunned for a few moments and Mark looked up and saw me. He just said "Elizabeth!" in surprise and pulled his cock out of my best friend. Amanda turned around and saw me and covered herself with my silk bedspread. I called Mark a bastard and stormed out. Thick webcam girl. I disappeared for over a week and had just come home.

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I called Mark's secretary at the office and asked her to let him know I was at home and that I would see him after work but Mark had come home earlier than I anticipated. I wasn't alone! I had six 'friends' with me. Mobile video chat sex. Mark rushed into my arms as he entered the family room area, a kind of open plan lounge room and casual dining area.

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