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But, alas, she’d probably have to waste a good pee at work if she didn’t hold it in all day.

She did this often.

She walked to and from work passing a wooded park along the way.

She could easily hide herself among the many trees.

She’d always been fascinated peeing outside. Movie threesome sex.

She’d spray the trees, watering them with her body.

She felt nurturing standing there with her underwear peeled, exposing her lips and tapering ass with a huge hot stream crashing down on the tree's bark.

She imagined doing this to some of her close girlfriends, mouths wide guzzling her hot liquid. Cute teen asian webcam.


She imagined her mother’s backyard.

When she visited home she still enjoyed midnight romps in the back yard.

She’d disrobe herself after holding her pee in all day.

She enjoyed leaning against the back wall, squatting ever so slightly, remaining almost in a standing position as she spread her pussy cheeks wide and let the golden arch escape her. Ayannasassy 100 free sex chat with women.

She never rushed it or pushed too hard, often times she was high which made the sweet pee last an eternity.

She’d roll her eyes back and listen to the trickle of her piss hitting the concrete in the backyard.

Sometimes she rubbed herself while peeing.


It was messier but boy did it feel good. Milana-love www usa sex chat com.

The dribbles would be more interspersed.

Each upstroke of her fingers against her clit would leave a tiny lull of time between splatters on the pavement but would fall even heavier than before which always made her excited.

The thought that one of her neighbors or family would catch her sent chills up her spine. Sex webcams no signup.

The cold bricks on her ass felt sensational.

She would feel sensational.

She wanted desperately to stay stuck in time.

This was her universe and she could pee throughout time, reaching climax after climax.


Her dreams would be dashed as the last dribbles of pee escaped her hole. Alghen online free sexxxx.

She shook her lips dry.

She looked down at her creation, a lake of pee spreading its contends into rivers and tributaries trying to find its lowest state of energy.

Steam billowed up from the lake in the cold weather.

She dipped her cold feet into her warm liquid. Srilankan fuck video.

Its warmness was soothing.

She felt proud.

Her creation was good.

Her creation made her horny.

She would re-instigate her already tender clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

She rubbed the bottom side of her ass with her hand and worked her way up to her vagina.

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She inserted her fingers into herself with one hand rubbing her clit with the other.

She humped her fingers clenching her ass, as the physical pleasure became unbearable, making her legs buckle under her weight and excitement.

Her whole body trembled with an electric charge. Boy_4_you indian sex chating.

She eased off her clit, removed her fingers and licked them seductively to no one in particular.

Perhaps to an unobserved neighbor that may have fortunately seen her working herself.

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She was in the shower now lying in the tub.

She had her legs splayed out preparing for a torrential downpour of pee.

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She might enjoy peeing outside but this was by far her favorite position.

She aimed her pee hole towards her face and released.

At first the stream only reached her chest, pooling pee in her cleavage and belly area.

The stream hit her right nipple and poured down like a volcano leaving a soft shimmer against her white skin and plump nipples. Skinny coed pussy fucked.

She stopped her stream.

She pinched her nipples, frowning.

She moved her legs inside the tub, walking up along the wall containing the faucet, keeping her shoulders on the tub's surface.

She could feel her butt clenching and watched her pussy rise.


She could see her engorged clit. Webcam girl striptease.

Just below her clit was her pee hole, ready again.

She aimed up towards her mouth.

Bingo! She hit her chin then the stream rose slightly to her mouth.

The hiss and gurgle of the pee hit her ears.

She pushed harder.

The pee soaked her face and forehead.

She shut her eyes. Watching men fuck my new wife.

The warm golden liquid soaked her hair and ran down her head.

She shut her gauge off again.

She still had more pee.

I must look incredibly sexy, she thought.

She imagined someone walking in on her.

Although she had multiple orgasms already at her computer she was ready for the granddaddy of them all.

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The detachable showerhead looked sleek in her feminine hands.

She turned the jet on a high pulse setting.

How lucky she was to be able to do this time and again.

She knew the feelings too well.

The water felt warm on her skin.

The pulsing massaged her abdomen. Exposed columbain milf public webcam.

Pretty soon it would massage her aching clit.

She spread her pussy.

Her piss was still encased in her bladder and she could feel it as the water sprayed her insides.

She liked to play a game.

She would fill her hole with water then clench her muscles, expelling the water forcefully from her opening.

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She liked imagining she was a squirter.

She wasn’t and she regretted it, but only shortly.

She felt the inside of her butt cheeks and briefly fingered her ass.

She really liked her ass.

She raised the shower head high and changed to a faucet setting.

She moved the stream around her body trying the simulate what it might feel like to get peed on. Live webcam x.

It washed the real pee off.

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