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I knew that she was horny as well after reliving her evening.

I loved hearing of her evening, and I wanted and needed more self-torture.

So, I was thinking, I softly said, I want you to be totally honest with me baby.

About what? Sara asked.

My voice was shaky as I continued, "Well, you now look at yourself as Doug's wife, don't you?" I am Doug’s wife, she continued, I am his wife, not yours, his! Nudist transgender handjob dick and fuck. I smiled, Yes, you are his.

You, are my cuck, Sara smiled, He is my husband, not you, he is! I know baby, I replied, I class him as your husband, I went on, And I accept that you are his wife.


Good, Sara smiled, Because that is how you want it, isn’t it? Lives sex chat. Yes baby, it is, I smiled, So, what were you thinking? Sara asked me.

"Well, as you are now Doug's wife," I went on, "Is it right that you and I lay on the couch every night and snuggle together for three hours?" Sara let go of my dick and frowned, "I do that for you so that we still have some time together," she went on, "You said that you wanted that when me and Doug started sleeping together every night.

" I know baby, I replied, But, is it right? Jjj porno thumbnail gallery. You are Doug’s wife now.

Sara took my dick in her hand again and said, "I will stop doing that if that's what you want.

" That’s my point, I smiled, I don’t want it to be what I want baby, I went on, I need you to tell me that you want to stop our snuggle time, I need you to make the rules.

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I was trying to make it seem like she was in control.

I decided that I should fully explain just why I torture myself like I do, so I explained to her.

I try to picture you in your underwear and I wonder if I have seen you in it, I smiled.

You haven’t, Sara smiled, All of my lingerie is about nine months old, so you have not seen any of it on me. Tina_alex_ mobile webcam gay porn.

I went on to explain that I fantasize about what her tits look like, what her nipples look like, what her ass looks like, what her pussy looks like and how I love to conjure pictures of her body in my head.

"You have seen me naked, albeit, a long time ago," Sara said, "You know what my tits and pussy looks like.

" It’s been over a year since I have seen your body, I explained, I’m sure parts of it have changed since then.

"My nipples do stick out further," Sara smiled, "And my pussy doesn't have any pubic hairs now and I have the tattoo on my pussy," she went on, "But basically, my body looks the same as when you saw it.

" I continued with my explanation.

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I picture you, naked in bed with Doug, I went on, I picture you undressing, every night in front of him, I picture you laying in bed with him and having sex.

Why do you torture yourself like that? Sara asked.

I love the torture, I went on, It is like, the more that you take away, the better I love it, I continued, That’s why, I love you calling Doug, your husband now, and seeing his ring on your finger, every morning when I bring you coffee. Sex sophia lomeli.

I think that I understand, Sara smiled, You love the torture, and the more I torture you, the more you like it and want it.


Exactly baby, I shouted, But, I need you to be in control and deny, punish and torment me, I went on, It is not the same when I ask you to do it. Sexy legs.

Now I get it, Sara smiled, Now I understand it all, she went on, You need me to call the shots, she continued, But, you know that I am madly in love with you, right? Absolutely baby, I shouted, I know that you are, and I am crazy about you, I went on, That is why this all works for me.

"And you would tell me if I go too far?" I would never want to jeopardize our marriage.

" I promise baby, I smiled, But, you could never go too far. Hitomi tanaka vs old men porno.


Sara thought for a moment and kissed me, "Okay my cuck," she went on, "My husband and I don't want me to spend the three hours each night, snuggling with you.

" My dick was throbbing as she continued, You will have to get used to the fact that I am his wife and not yours, she went on, I should only snuggle with my husband, understand? Free xxx c2c webcam chatrooms. Perfectly, baby, I shouted, You are his wife, after all.

"Yes, I am," Sara smiled, "and having said that, I think that I should wear his ring and not yours, don’t you agree? I was in heaven, Yes baby, I totally agree.

Anemals and grils sex.