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It’s my pet name for you,he said, his voice coming out really deep.

He began stalking toward her slowly.

She retreated just as slow, eyes going round.

I love Pop Tarts.

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As her fingers provided further stimulation, the rain came down harder, seeping through my jacket, but I hardly felt it.

I could have this girl any way I wanted, but that fact alone made it impossible to make up my mind.

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I pulled away and guided you up by your hands, then pressed a flat palm against your chest to lower you onto the bed.

I grabbed your wrists in my hands and raised your arms over your head, pinning you while we kissed.

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Someone is here! Finally! Please let this be over, please! Let this be done! Miss Rose steps through the doorway.

Her long perfect legs cast beautiful shadows across the room.

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The spongy head of his cock felt good sliding between my lips, and I tasted his cock skin as it began to harden in my mouth.

I took more and more of that nice cock into my mouth and guessed that it was then-fully-hard at ten inches long and getting thicker by the second, eventually being at least six inches around.

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Sean's tongue made her pussy so wet and Susan thought maybe she had squirted, something Susan had never experienced.

By the time Susan had stopped bucking, Sean was hard again.

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Really, is that what you think? That’s what I know.

I have a mind to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking on the seat of your trousers.

Well, as long as you don’t report me to the company, I’ll submit to that later on.

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Not James? No, baby.

Not Brandon.

Not Francis? Sue paused, and I wondered if I’d miscalculated.

No, Pete, baby.

I’m yours.

I smiled softly at Sue, the game complete.

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She let his pain subside a little before speaking- "good slave.

Now tell me the lesson you have learned from this".

"I will never speak out of turn or doubt my mistress' judgment", he sobbed, "Please mistress, I love you".

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Two things mum, I said as I sat opposite her at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of strong black coffee.

First, thank you, that must have taken some doing I was referring to her standing under the shower with me.

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Thwack! The crease in between buttock and thigh received a visit.

Thwack! Again, Pauline targeted the eighteen-year-old’s lower buttocks and thighs.


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My hands roamed her body, settling on her arse and pulling her towards me so that my hard cock was trapped between our bodies.

I tucked my fingers inside her thong and started to slide it down as best as I could.

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One day Penny came home and had hurt herself at soccer practice.

I was in the kitchen starting our dinner as I heard the front door open and close and her gym bag hit the floor.

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He raised his finger to shush me and moved my hands off Jayne’s bum cheeks and pussy then moved his onto her.

I watched as he slid a finger into each hole.

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My wife and son left for two weeks for a holiday in Cairns, yesterday.

I couldn’t go because of work.

So I’m actually glad to have some company.

Mary was inside the house before he had finished.

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She often sat there when things went wrong, or if she needed some time to herself to mull things over.

Her name was Lana.

A young beautiful teacher in the town school.

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She wanted to be like that woman, not caring who was watching and where she was, giving pleasure to her black lover.

It was so sensual to Pat.

A brother started talking to Harlon.

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Though they sagged from their weight and gravity over the years, they were huge and gorgeous.

Her nipples and areolas were proportionally large.

The points were the size of his pinky to the first knuckle, and the rosy, bumpy halo as big around as a coke can.

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His penis is so long and so thick, it took some time for my poor pussy to stretch wide enough to take him.

And wow, he went so deep, honey, he reached places in my tummy I never knew existed.

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From the outer reaches of her body, I felt my hard dick growing with each thrust.

I could feel her orgasm building inside her.

Give it to me! It's MINE, I said speaking softly at first then letting my voice rise as her orgasm neared.

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Allison is very capable of doing a splendid job, Kelly voiced back immediately.

Even though she joined as a Junior last year? You're the one who has come up with most of the squad's routines, right?

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I was having a really good time with them all.

As the day went on, we were all getting to know one another better and were a bit drunk.

With enough beer, even the stupidest jokes seem funny.

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I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

Oona, stop! I’m going to cum! Somewhat reluctantly, she let my other testicle slide from between her lips, clamping back on my cock head, stroking vigorously as her tongue tickled me.

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We went out to my lawn which is not overlooked by neighbours.

Again I turned round several times, this time in the sun.

"I wish I could get a sun tan like yours, Peter.

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I stroked her hair and thrust up as she took my cock deep in her mouth.

I’m about to cum Baby.

Just like the previous morning, as the first spurt of cum surged from my cock, Kerry drove her head down hard.

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She nodded.

That could be the best new I’ve had in years.

Stop it.

Stop saying that.

She picked up her glass from the table, drained it, and held it up to me.

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Claire paused, turned to look at Jason and with a nod of the head turned back to look at me, Neil honey, I want to do it properly now, I want you to watch while Jason does me, while I give myself to him.

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She gave Melanie an quick eyeball from head to toe.

"You're hot," she said quietly.

"Thanks," Melanie replied.

Vera continued,"He might be YOUR boyfriend, but he's MY big brother.

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In its shadow they felt too close of the ever encroaching sea, so they settled far.

But that would not save them if ever she failed.

The wave would be as tall as the buildings before the Rise, the old town under the sea.

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My nipples began protruding through the thin fabric of my summer dress, and not really wanting to advertise my state to the whole world, I quickly realized I had to do something about this.

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Well I suppose the next time I’ll see you, is when I come to trim your bushes.

Mr Edwards!exclaimed Emma.

No need,said Lucy stroking the front of her panties.

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It was an emotional week. This past week marked the one year anniversary of my wife's untimely death. In fact, she had now been dead longer than we were married.

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I reached in and kissedLeo on his mouth while he was being fucked.

What an experience.

His tongue was like a cat’s tongue and I loved its energy.

He tasted sweet, like oranges and liquid sunshine in my mouth.

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Susie closed her eyes, tried to go even higher on tip toes but couldn’t her bottom sticking out more and more and she gasped as the flurry of light cane strokes will have done strange things to her.

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Her eyes burst open as she fought to control the erotic energy surging through her.

I held myself inside her and could feel her pussy beginning to spasm on my throbbing dick that held steady inside her.

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Then she holds it up to my mouth and says taste my specialty, strawberries and cream.

I obediently open my mouth and slips the ripe fruit into it.

It is so juicy that some juice runs over my chin, which she then promptly sucks followed by a passionate tongue kiss returning her kiss we share the strawberry.

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I came close to an orgasm, and then he stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked at him; I didn’t know why he stopped.

He got on the bed and asked if we could have a 69.

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I gripped her firmer.

The entire bed was rocking now, just like it did when Howard was here.

I was panting, my chest was hammering, and I felt so damn alive.

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You didn’t seem very shy when you fucked me by the pool last week, Beth said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Just so you all know, Lexi continued.

Beth and Bob have been sexual partners with Charlie and me.

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Tristan did not seem particularly perplexed by my revelation.

After a pleasant visit, I returned home an hour later.

Twice during the following week I heard arguing from next door.

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